All of our Psychotherapists
at R&R have vast experience
and relevant qualifications...


We have access to a number of Psychotherapists who undertake relevant assessments/therapeutic interventions. All our Psychotherapists have vast experience relevant qualifications. They also undertake CBT, Family Systemic Interventions etc

Psychotherapy is one of the ‘talking therapies’. It enables individuals/families to gain insight into their difficulties or distress and establish a greater understanding of their motivation. It also enables them to find more appropriate ways of coping and to bring about changes in their thinking and behaviour. It is designed to improve the mental health individuals, or to improve group relationships (such as in a family).

Psychotherapists provide assessments and therapy for children, adults, couples and families referred by Solicitors, GP’s, Health Insurances, Insurance companies, Social service departments, Local Health Boards or families. Psychotherapists have a wide range of expertise and skills to support individuals

Psychotherapists often have a number of different qualifications, which may include psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical social work, counseling, psychology, mental health counseling, clinical or psychiatric social work, marriage and family therapy rehabilitation, nursing, teaching etc

Meet Our Psychotherapists Professionals

Lisa Finlayson-Clements

Liz James

Tessa Jones

Nandi Kriwaczek

What Our Clients Think

Can 100% recommend Audiology Associates, From booking my appointment with Leah to having the micro suction undertaken by Rhys, both were very friendly, helpful and highly knowledgeable of their industry. Due to problems with my ears and balance i normally have this treatment undertaken annually by the ENT department at my local NHS hospital. Never again !! Leah was very patient with my over the phone consultation explaining to her my concerns not using the NHS due to the severe ear problems i...

Carl Evans

Audiology | Facebook Review

Waking one morning over the Christmas period I realised that I felt very unwell. I had very little balance and was extremely nauseous. I felt it had something to do with my ears and because I felt no better the following day made a phone call to Audiology Associates expecting an appointment after the holidays. To my absolute amazement Rhys came to my home that day to examine me. He also phoned my doctor explaining what was wrong and arranged for a prescription to be filled which he even colle...

Marian George

Audiology | Wales

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