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R & R Consulting Centres was created in September 2005 with the specific aim of providing high quality room hire facilities for health and lifestyle professionals in private practice. R&R has since grown to be the number one provider of private psychological therapies in South Wales with a database of over 50 Clinical Psychologists and Registered Counsellors in addition to Audiology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Medical Practitioners, Alternative Practitioners and Medico legal Experts. The Centre is run by a consistent staff team who are professional, friendly

and approachable. They always aim to offer a first class service to our customers, their clients and visitors. They also ensure the smooth running of training events and business meetings. The staff team take great pride in their work and feedback from customers about the service they receive has been extremely positive. We welcome potential new customers visiting the centre to have a look around and to see first hand how the service is delivered. New customers can either drop by to have a look around or contact one of our team to arrange an appointment.

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At R & R Consulting, we always look forward to engaging with our customers, whether existing or new. If you have any query related to our services and would like a call back, fill in this quick contact form and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you have a more detailed request or would like to ask us a specific questions via email, please visit our contact page where you can send us a message and one of our team will respond within two working days.

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    What Our Clients Think

    Exceptionally thorough, understanding, and empathic professional assessment. The whole process was comfortable and relaxed for both my child and myself. As a result of my experience, I can undoubtedly recommend Dr Sanjeev Sharma to anyone experiencing difficulties with the current wait times for the NHS.

    Dr Sharma-Child

    Adolescent Psychiatrist | Protected Name

    R & R Consulting