Medical Legal Professionals

Our psychologists and psychiatrists offer comprehensive assessments using diagnostic measures that inform the court of the extent to which mental health difficulties, cognitive impairment or underlying personality disturbance may have influenced a defendant’s action.

Examples of situations that you may need expert witness reporting on, and for which we have professional expertise include:-

  • Personal Injury
  • Fitness for Work
  • Child & Family
  • Mental Health
  • Criminal Injury
  • Capacity
  • Competency


Our pyscholgists/psychiatrists can offer comprehensive assessments using diagnostic measures that could inform the court of the extent to which mental health difficulties, cognitive impairment or underlying personality disturbance may have influenced a defendant’s action.

Experts provide medico-legal assessments, reports and expert witness testimony for solicitors and other legal professionals, HR departments, Government agencies, Social service departments, Occupational Health Companies, other Agencies and Private individuals. All our psychologists are members of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Health Professionals Council (HPC)

Who we Are

We can access expert therapeutic interventions and assessments for individuals or companies requiring the services of medical legal expertise. We pride ourselves on having many experts, who are highly experienced and knowledgeable to successfully meet the needs of your clients

The consultants here recognise that deadlines can be restrictive and always aim to provide a fast and effective service. In each individual case we match the requirements of the instructing party with the relevant Consultant. All the Psychologists and Psychiatrists who provide medico-legal services are experienced and trained expert witnesses who are chartered by the British Psychological Society or GMC and all are registered with their relevant organisations.

All our consultants have indemnity insurance and are registered with the HPC. Consultant details, C.V’s and relevant costs are available on request.

Meet The Medical Legal Professionals

  • Dr Clare Quinn
    As a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist working both privately and within the NHS I am skilled in a range…
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  • Dr Julie Wilcox
    Physical Health; Rehabilitation; Personal Injury; Neuropsychological Assessment. Psychological assessment of…
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  • Dr Ian Burgess
    Assessment of Neuropsychological consequences of head injury. Assessment of PTSD and related.
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  • Dr Christopher Hobson
    Clinical Psychologist (adults). Mental health, personality, cognitive, and risk assessments. Legal reports.
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  • Dr Michelle Smalley
    I specialise in neuropsychological assessments which may form the foundation for further advice and…
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  • Dr Rick Budd
    Depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders etc. Integrative therapy incorporating methods from CBT, IPT etc
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  • Ronald Lyle
    Has many years of experience in preparing and presenting medical and legal assessments…
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  • Dr Andrew Vidgen
    Has many years experience within the mental health field. He has a specialty in obsessive/compulsory…
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  • Dr Rob Johnston
    I provide psychological therapy for adult mental health problems across the spectrum of disorders.
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  • Dr Liz Andrew
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  • Dr Coaley
    I am both a chartered consultant clinical psychologist and occupational…      Read More
  • Dr Richard Cuddihy
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  • Dr Tanya Edmonds
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  • Dr Catherine Goodwin
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  • Martin Herbert
    Coming Soon…
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  • Dr Luan Pessall
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  • Dr Jenny Hunt
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  • Dr Stephanie Warman
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  • Dr Raman Sakhuja
    Specialist in Addictions and Adult Psychiatry. Competent in dealing with various drug and alcohol problems…
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  • Dr Huw Griffiths
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  • Dr Victor Aziz
    I am a consultant psychiatrist in general adult and old age psychiatry with special interest in medicolegal…         Read More
  • Dr Divya Sakhuja
    Dr Divya Sakhuja MBBS, MRCPsych, DpM (Psychological Medicine) is a Consultant Psychiatrist specialising…
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  • Dr Enoch
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  • Dr Lewis
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