Dr Keith Coaley

I am both a chartered consultant clinical psychologist and occupational psychologist. I have experience of treatment of a range of clinical areas including PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression and other problems, using CBT and other approaches to therapy.

In the occupational field I have substantial experience in helping people and organisations, including specialist areas such as assessment, test training, stress, health and job performance, counselling, coaching and development. I have consulted at all job levels and in relation to many different kinds of work. I am a member of the British Psychological Society’s committee on test standards and am a published author in the field of psychological assessment.

 I have had considerable experience of medical-legal work over a number of years, as both a chartered clinical and occupational psychologist. This has involved liaison and contracting with lawyers to provide assessments for the courts, as well as in the provision of assessment reports for insurance companies and employment tribunals, and in appearing at court where required. Specialist areas include assessment of intellectual functioning, of compliance and suggestibility, of statements and behaviour during police custody, of stress-related factors, and of issues relating to personality and background.

I have a Master’s degree in forensic and legal psychology, a PhD in the field of stress, health and job performance, and the Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Diploma, am a published author in the field of psychological assessment and a member of the BPS committee on test standards.


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